Micargi Ellie Bike

micargi ellie bike

The Perfect Gift for Your Beloved Daughter

Do you want to get a gift for your daughter? You can give her a Micargi Ellie bike. Why must this product? The design is cute. Your daughter will be happy when she receives it. However, it also has another plus point as the bicycle for girls. Here are some of them.

The Features

First of all, let’s see this little kids bike material. Micargi uses steel material to build the frame and most of this bike part. Therefore, we can expect it to have better durability than other bicycle products of bicycle for kids. That means it will last longer until your kids need the bigger bicycle.

As for the frame design, Micargi uses Steel Frame Coast Brake One Piece Crank. This frame is a perfect shape for a BMX bicycle for girl. It lets them ride it easily. Plus, this frame design is also much safer than the standard bike frame. Therefore, if you are looking for a cute and safe pink bicycle with training wheels, Micargi Ellie 16 inches are the answer.

The Size

As we mentioned before, this product is a 16 inch girls Micargi ellie bike. The size is a perfect choice for a kid that is still learning how to ride a bike. Moreover, the Micargi Ellie 16 is also small enough to put in your garage. Therefore, you won’t have any problem storing it.

Bike Accessories

Now, if you only buy a girls 16 inch bike for your daughter that is not enough. You also have to buy extra accessories to add more functionality to this bike. Fortunately, Micargi also provides that for you. There are many types of bicycle accessories for kids you can get. For example, you can get the basket, fenders, and bell.

With those accessories, your daughter can ride this bicycle 16 inch girl, while carrying their toys, bags, or any items they use for playing with their friends. Moreover, those accessories also make this bike look even cuter.


Now, you don’t have to wait any longer. Get this beautiful and cute pink bicycle with basket for your daughter. It is available in various online stores today. However, if you think the shipping cost is too high, you also can try to find a Micargi store near me. This brand has a local store that also sells this bike. You can save your money on shipping costs and carry it yourself by car.

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