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Micargi Jetta 20 Beach Cruiser vs Hybrid Bikes

Talking about a beach cruiser for kids, we cannot exclude Micargi Jetta 20 Beach Cruiser from the list. However, there are some other brands considered by parents to be more comfortable and convenient for their kids.

On the other hand, the presence of hybrid bikes also makes the competition on the market get tougher and tougher. This is why in this article we will make a comparison between beach cruisers and hybrid bikes. More than anything, the choice is in your hands.

Beach Cruiser Bikes

Generally speaking, some cruisers are just similar to the hybrid ones. However, Micargi Jetta is not like that and the brand has various cute colors that may suit the chill vibe at the beach. Some differences would be stated below. We will make a list of the pros and cons.

Things you would like

Beach cruiser bikes are emphasized on the comfortability when the user uses it. The seats are padded and the design suits all body type comfortably. The chosen materials are durable and strong which makes the bikes last longer.

You may see that the Micargi Jetta Blue Cruiser bike has a thick yet chunky frame. It is designed to minimize puncture, dent, and other similar risks. Another interesting thing about a beach cruiser bike is that you can use it for both casual riding and strolling around the city leisurely.

micargi jetta blue cruiser

Things you would not like

Since the main focus is the comfortability, you will not get many options about the speed. The design is very classic, which is great for some people. However, again, you have no option on the style because all beach cruiser bikes look the same from one to another.

Hybrid Bikes

Things you would like

This bike is designed for any activity. You can tame any type of road and the speed can be adjusted as you like. Unlike the Micargi Boy Jetta Cruiser, this bike can rust faster without sacrificing comfort in the first place

Things you would not like

The tires would not be suitable if you want to stroll around the city. Once you take it off-road, you need to struggle with the debris. Punctures need to be fixed immediately as well.


Both bikes are great. If you want to make a choice, it is important to adjust it with how and when you will use the bike. Micargi Boy Jet Cruiser bikes are also available to suit your boys’ activities.

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