Micargi Stretch Beach Cruiser

micargi stretch beach cruiser

Micargi Stretch Beach Cruiser: Specifications, Pros, and Cons

So, what do you commonly do to spend your spare time? The questions can be so various. But many people seem to agree that biking is one of the most interesting activities. Yes, it is basically a kind of sports to make you healthy as well as burn your fat. But interestingly, it feels not too tiring compared to other types of sports. Sure, it is not exaggerating if you need to prepare a type of bicycle that is comfortable and really supporting this activity. The bike can be Micargi Stretch Beach Cruiser. What are the products specifications, pros, and cons? Check them out.


Micargi Stretch Cruiser has some features to support your biking activities. It has a full-size chopper frame and a Springer fork, making it look wider compared to other general bikes. The bike also looks more appropriate for being used in areas like sandy beach or rocky land. For the design, it is available in some colors including matte black. Meanwhile, the seating is super low for chopper-style riding.

micargi seattle ss

For the materials, Micargi Seattle Fat Tire Chopper Stretch Beach Cruiser Bike is made from aluminum alloy black rimes. The material is known to be strong, durable, and heat resistant. So, the product can be used for a long time for any situation without worried that it will be easily broken. Meanwhile, the handlebar is made from a steel chrome plated wide cruiser. For the shipping weight, it is approximately around 60 pounds.

Enjoy also more safety features in this product. Aside from it applies the Micargi seattle black 26-inch stretch cruiser bike; this beach cruiser is also equipped with front and rear safety reflectors. It is to avoid you being fallen down when it is shaken or even bumped. Other parts of the bike are mostly made of steel. So, you should not worry about its sturdiness.

Pros and Cons

Micargi Seattle Bike Stretch Beach Cruiser is definitely a good choice if you want to buy a kind of stretch bike. It is sturdy and capable in any situation. The chopper seat is very comfortable; well, it is something that not all beach cruiser-type bikes commonly have. Moreover, it is produced with a more stylish design and color.

However, there is a problem mainly on the rear wheel. It is often out of whacks many times. Therefore, you may need to adjust it before continuing your trip with it. Even you may need to go to the workshop to make the Micargi seattle fat tire bike right.

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