Micargi Electric Bike

micargi electric bike

The Micargi Electric Bike You Should Try First

Micargi is one of the popular bike brands. If you want to get the best quality bike, use this brand. Currently, they also release a new line of products, which is the micargi electric bike. Among many products in the e-bike collection, there are two products that you can try, if you want to buy an e-bike for the first time. They are the Fat E-Bike and Beach Cruiser type.

Micargi Fat E-Bike

Just like its name, the design for this micargi fat bike feels big. Mostly, it is because of the big, thick, and wide tires that it’s used. From the tires itself, we can see that this bike is designed for harsher road conditions. If you want to ride an e-bike on the wild or off-road track, you can use this bike. And, the tires aren’t the only feature that supports its off-road ride.

Fat E-Bike also has a powerful battery. The micargi powerful 1000w battery that is installed in it, make it has enough power to tackle the harsher road condition. With this kind of powerful battery, you must think that its size is so big that makes it looks too stand out, right? Micargi chooses the beautiful design that makes the big battery blend well with the bike design. This micargi fat ebike hidden battery even becomes one of the interesting parts of its design.

Micargi Beach Cruiser E-Bike

The other products you can try are the micargi beach cruiser electric bike. This one isn’t like the Fat E-Bike that has a powerful muscle accent and bulky design, which is perfect for a rough time. The beach cruiser is the bike that you can ride in your relax time. It is perfect for riding in the city or if you want to go to a short distance place. We even call it the everyday bike.

The design is pretty lightweight. It also is equipped with many features that help you to carry and use it for your everyday activities. However, it still has the same e-bike technology like what Micargi uses on its fat bike series. So, you don’t need to worry about its power and quality.

Buying an electric bike might be difficult if you don’t know the type or brand that match your need. If you have a doubt, it is a good idea to turn to a famous brand. Mostly, you will get the best quality product from them. And micargi electric cruiser bike series is one of the best examples of this situation.

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