Micargi Cruiser Bikes

micargi cruiser bikes

Micargi Cruiser Bikes for Your Classic Bicycle Collection

Bicycle or commonly mentioned as bike is a transportation device that is powered by human energy that is transferred through a pedal driven mechanism. Most of the modern bikes are using two wheels with the rear wheel connected to a pedal, chain and gear mechanism to transfer the energy from the rider to create the forward movement of the bicycle. The first bicycle was introduced in the 19th century and being one of the most popular transportation solution in the world. There are various bicycle manufacturers that develop their bikes for certain utilities as well as creating unique and aesthetic bicycle designs that being a combination of technology and art. The micargi cruiser bikes are among the legendary bicycles ever invented and manufactured. This bike has unique traditional designs that serve certain utilities.

Simple and strong is the bottom line of the micargi cruiser bikes design. It is a bicycle that is designed and made to last. Although there are bikes that are designed with similar look due to the similar functions and utilities like the mountain bikes and bmx; there are classic Micargi bikes manufactured and developed to create a classic bicycle that stands the changes of trends in the modern bicycle designs. The classic Micargi bicycle is designed for beach cruising human powered transportation solution; these bikes are designed and made for men and women rider.

Classic Micargi bicycles are the foundation of the low ride bicycles with a similar body and handle bar frame. The Micargi cruiser bikes can be a unique choice for modern bicycle products; the classic design that nearly did not change since the first Micargi bicycle generation is a cultural icon on the bicycle culture as well as beach related lifestyles. The modern development on these bikes like the introduction of shock absorber mechanism on the bike is intended for improving the comfort level of riding a classic bicycle. Other modern features like the addition of safety standard equipment is intended for safe and fun riding on the classic Micargi bikes. Anyone may choose these bikes for a bicycle collection as well as for daily use; it can be an environment friendly transportation solution even if you ride the bicycle away from the beach where these bikes where first introduced.

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