Micargi Bike For Kids

micargi bike for kids

Micargi Bike for Kids: Ellie 16-inch Series

So, what is the best birthday gift for the kids? Well, it is mainly if the kids are aged around 8-12 years old. You can still give him or her books and stationary for sure. But if you want such an adventurous side is on him or her, a bike can be the best choice. A bike is commonly chosen so that the kids can play and exercise at once. Besides, it trains their balance and coordination as well as improve the concentration.

For this fact, the next question can be; what is the best bike to buy for them? There are many products available in the market for sure. One of them is Micargi Ellie 16” BMX Tone Steel Frame. There are some reasons that make the product from Micargi Kidco Bike more special. Here they are.


Micargi produces some product series for boys and girls. But especially for girls, you can mention Micargi Ellie series. This type of Micargi Bike for kids is quite fashionable. There are some options with pastel colors. But out of those options, there is the baby blue that is considered the best. The combination of light blue and white is quite girly in a different way. Yes, talking about girly and feminine colors, many people tend to point at pink anyway.
There is a pair of portable balance wheels on the side. A basket on the front part is not only functioned as a sweetener but it is strong also to load more stuff. The chain guard cover is the best choice. It is mainly functioned for safety indeed. However, it tends to make the Micargi kiddy bike look more stylish. Sure, it is along with the cartoon images there.


This Micargi series is worth to praise in so many ways. The design is cool and attractive for kids. Well, it can be said like that. But more than that, the components are designed to meet the kids’ needs to move and exercise. The wheels are smooth but not slippery. There is no need to apply lubricant too many times just to avoid it being obstructed.
The chain guard cover is also another plus point of the product. Okay, many similar products have the guard cover indeed. But it is installed more strongly and perfectly so that it cannot be easily fallen down. One more thing, it is getting more stylish with its images all around the bike. So, for your girls, you can choose this Micargi Kiddy children bike 16”.

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