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micargi road bike

The Reasons to Use Micargi RD7 Road Bike to Start A Bike To Work Program

You have to prepare a good bike if you want to join a bike to work program. Micargi road bike is one of the best products you can consider. The detail and specifications are great enough to support your activity. Check the Micargi road bike review below to make sure that you are choosing the best bike.


The design is simple enough. It is also lightweight, so you can bring this bike anywhere you want, including to the office. The simple model makes you comfortable to ride the bicycle although you have to do it for a few hours. You can choose three different sizes which are 48cm, 53cm, and 57cm. The option helps you to choose the most comfortable bike. As a result, you can reduce the risk of back pain or any health problems. Instead of suffering from health problems, you will be healthier.


The manufacturer chooses high-quality aluminum for the main materials. The material makes the Micargi RD7 road bike durable in all terrains and weather. The aluminum frame keeps the bike clean and free from rust. The best part is that you can ride it with maximum speed.


This aluminum frame bicycle has 7-speed gear. It improves the speed to the maximal level. Specifically, the Micargi 7 speed road bike is using a Shimano 7 speed gear. This is why this product is known as RD-7.


Unlike other brands that produce a black road bike, Micargi uses a different strategy. The manufacturer attracts more buyers by offering more color variation. Besides offering a black road bike, this brand also has a matte black, matte dark grey, and white bike. You can’t only ride the Micargi MBK road bike safely and comfortably but also confidently. It is stylish and eye-catching enough for young bikers who want to start a healthy lifestyle. For a more stylish option, you can also choose the Micargi fixie road bike.


Micargi 700c bicycle is safe to ride in any terrain with its powerful braking system. You can also control the steering wheel easily. Due to the safety features and system, you can balance the bicycle to prevent it from falling.

Now, you have a good option to start a bike to work program. Let Micargi help to achieve your health goal. The most important thing is that you can go anywhere you want with this bike whether to the office, formal events, or gathering.

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