Micargi Mustang GTS

micargi mustang gts

Micargi Mustang GTS Stretch Chopper Beach Cruiser

For you guys who are loved cycling, you guys must be choosing the best bicycle that could definitely tailor your needs. Out there, there are a lot of bicycles that could be chosen. Among them there are the famous Micargi Mustang GTS 26″. Below are several Micargi stretch beach cruisers that you could use as references when you are needing one.

Micargi 26″ Retro Beach Cruiser Bike

For you guys who have a plus size, you guys could opt to choose a Single Speed Fat Tire Bicycle Seattle. This bicycle will be a great choice for you. It is not a secret anymore that a stretch cruiser bike has a large frame. Thus, this large bike will ease you to sit back and unwind comfortably on the saddle. The stretch fame also supports you to be more comfortable and satisfying while riding your bike. Another point plus from this Micargi stretch bike is the position of the pedals. They are located in front of the saddle so your leg could be fully drawn out at the base of the pedal strokes. And most importantly, your feet could also stay horizontal on the ground while you took a seat on your bike. Furthermore, the raised handlebars also give a nice contribution to a relaxed and enjoyable seating as well as riding position. The frames also specifically designed to hold heavier riders, so of course the frame is strong and sturdy enough.

Micargi Seattle SS Chopper Stretch Beach Cruiser Bike

The next recommended micargi stretch beach cruiser for you is Micargi Seattle SS chopper stretch beach cruiser bike. This type of bike would absolutely look stunning and stand out in the crowds. This bike is so alluring and beautiful. Not only it is beautiful because of its stretch frame, but it is also beautiful because of the feature that it is matched with. This stretch bike is matched with a Shimano 7 speed gear as well as flat tires. Thus, it will make the riders be able to ride bike on any kind of terrain. The raised handlebars also give contribution towards a relaxed and enjoyable riding position. Furthermore, the raised handlebars also add the masculine look to this bike. Most importantly the springer saddle will give you an enjoyable and comfortable sitting position while you are riding your bike through the street or beach.

Micargi Seattle fat tire chopper stretch beach cruiser bike

The next recommended bike of Micargi stretch beach cruiser for you is Micargi Seattle fat tire stretch cruiser bike. This bike is suitable for you guys who wants to have bike that could give extra support for you. Its frame is sturdy and strong enough to cushion riders that are on the heavier side. Furthermore, bike with fat tires not only great for easy ride but it is also perfect for riding on the sand.

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