Micargi Tandem Bike

micargi tandem bike

Micargi Tandem Bike for More Enjoyable Biking

Do you ever think that riding a bicycle alone can be very boring? Just imagine cycling around with your beloved ones and having a nice conversation with your partner! It must be a great experience. Micargi Tandem Bike offers you with all you need from a good tandem bike. You will find it very easy and fun to ride the bike with your friend or partner. This tandem bike also comes with a wide range of features to allow you to have enjoyable riding. Get to know more about this Micargi sport tandem bike 26 review on the following page.

This Island Tandem Beach Cruiser has an 18-speed feature to allow you to enjoy fast speed of riding while keeping the comfort. The tandem bike is also easy to handle and it can be adjusted to accommodate your specific need. Another thing you can enjoy from the tandem bike is that the product is completed with modest seats. In this way, you will be able to ride the Island Tandem Beach Cruiser in more comfortable ways. The tandem bike is also lightweight, making it portable and easy to transport wherever you want to go on holiday. Additionally, the design of the tandem bike is also created to suit a wide scope of riders.

Micargi Island Tandem Bicycle

Micargi Tandem Bike parts consist of freewheel of Shimano TZ-21-7SP. The size of the bike is about 26 inches and painted in an elegant black color. The shifters of the tandem bike are Shimano RS-35-3L and 7R Shimano grip shift index. The Micargi Island tandem bike 26 also comes with derailleur of Shimano Tourney TX31. Meanwhile, the shipping weight of the product is only 66 pounds, making it one of the lightest tandem bikes in the market. However, you might find that the fundamental wrench of the tandem bike is somewhat a bit dry of oil. You can make it more suitable for most extreme riding and water opposition by adding marine oil to the bike’s part.

As the name suggests, 26” Micargi the General Beach Cruiser is also perfect for an easy-going cruising. However, just keep in mind to not expect an exhibition bicycle from this tandem bike. The rear brake link of the bike can be extended. The length of the Micargi Island Tandem Bike 26’s move link can be used to do irksome shifter tuning. Additionally, the tandem bike also comes with a relatively affordable price and available in big retailers such as Amazon.

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